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Why choosing us

Choosing where to be educated is not easy indeed. But when it affects your future there is no room for compromise.

Up-to-date training methodologies

Our services are of the highest quality,since we use the latest and training methodologies available, the most effective textbooks complemented with interesting and interactive group activities which mke the training funny and easily applicable.

Experienced teachers

Each teacher of ABC Learning Academy has successfilly proved his professionalism and achievements in his field.

Flexibility in the schedule

Our courses are carried out each day of the week depending on the time convenient for our students.

About ABC Learning Academy

ABC Learning Academy gives the students the confidence to fulfill their potential and thrieve not only in the academic but also in the social sphere as well. We put all our efforts to provide our students such a learning environment that will develop their critical and creative thinking to solve both academic problems and cope with day to day life tasks.

Besides academic courses the school offers after school day-care with various activities, which is additional comfort for children and their parents.

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История на ABC Учебна академия
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Mission & Vision

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ABC Learning Academy

The history of ABC Learning Academy started in 2015 when its first office located in Londin, UK was opened. Today, 5 years later we are expanding our branches having opened a new office in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
  • ABC Mission
  • We broaden the minds and perspectives of our students.
  • We encourage inner curiousity and the development of an enquiring and entrepreneurial mind able to take the initiative and solve problems.
  • ABC Strategies
  • The peronalized student-dependant approach combined with the latest training methodology enables the long lasting and efficient acquisition of the school matherial.
  • The courses are organized by highly-qualified educators in complience with the material taught at state schools as well as the grade of the student.


In order to fulfil its mission ABC Learning Academy is cooperating with trusted partners

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ABC is a learning academy devoted to the success of the student.