Education in Bulgaria | Kурсове по английски, БЕЛ, математика и ментална аритметика
ABC Learning Academy assists students in applying for Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy Veterinary Medicine in the following universities in Bulgaria:
  • Medical University of Plovdiv – Plovdiv;
  • Medical University of Sofia – Sofia;
  • Medical University of Stara Zagora – Stara Zagora;
  • Medical University of Varna - Varna

Admission requirements:
  1. Application form with а rating card after a model template (it is received at the documents submission);
  2. A Diploma (original) of completed secondary (high) school education – for the Master’s, Bachelor’s and Professional Bachelor, together with a copy. After verification with the copy, the original of the Diploma is returned to the holder;
  3. Admission fees - 60 lv., which is to be paid on the day of the document submission with an order issued by Education Department.
  4. University application fees for Biology and Chemistry exams - 120 lv.

This is what we offer:
Inclusive package price for all the services necessary for the applying of foreign students, which includes:
  • document preparation and exam fees (included in the price);
  • transportation from the airport;
  • accommodation finding;
  • registering in the police office;
  • opening a bank account;

For more details, please, contact us on: +359 87 7710 222