B2 English language course | Kурсове по английски, БЕЛ, математика и ментална аритметика
B2 English language course
Цена : 420.00 BGN.

B2 English language course

  • E. Stefanova
    E. Stefanova
  • English language
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  • 05.10.2020г.
  • 31.05.2021г.
Ideal for undergraduates who has already aquired a high level of English, B2 English language course teaches you to fully understnd complicated texts.

You will improve your fluency in all the English tenses and voice and master the use of adverbs and prepositions. You will also extend your vocabulary and will be able to interact effectively with native speakers in most of the situations.

Having successfully done this course you will increase your fluency through complex sentences, fixed expressions, precise pronunciation and a greater ease with phrasal verbs. You will understand without difficulties most of the movies, you will read reports, commercials and articles in social media.

You will enhance your accuracy in communication and use English to state advantages and disadvantages and give opinions and your personal point of view. You will write correctly long texts on differen topic since you have built capacity to use more sophisticated grammar such as passive tenses and modal perfect.

E. Stefanova
E. Stefanova
Bulgarian and English Language and Literature teacher

Elena Stefanova is a teacher with extensive work experience. When planning the holistic educational process she uses principles, practices and implements ne strategies which effectively prepare and set them at ease thus engaging them totally in the subject. She is well-known with her unique approach to those students facing difficulties in Bulgarian or English language. Her main activities are organized with the use of alternative teaching methods. During the educational process she creates postive and student motivating environment.